Media/Branding Consultancy

Media Consultancy

As a media consultancy, our specialties are PR and Marketing Implementations for Brands and Products. We are your liberators if you aim at re-branding your personality in whatsoever field; music, movie, sports, etc. Have you any products that you seek attentions and selling plain for? We have the best communication and marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

This is what we did for our past client, Kenneth Ekow Andam;

– Ghanaian ex-Olympian, Kenny Andam’s 5-series book themed, Scarlet Minor Chronicles. We publicized with press releases which were published on both local and international news platforms, and implemented diverse social media marketing and promotion strategies in marketing the trilogy of the books titled, Scarlet Minor and the Renegade; Scarlet Minor and the Twin Pikes; and Scarlet Minor and the Crossed Blades. On this project, we contacted Founder/VFX of Sandman Production and Paralight Studio, Stephen Sobisky – a co-producer/director of Shreks Movie for confirmation about his discussions with the author concerning the rendition of the book into movie. We as well promoted the books in a school tour during Elevated Ghana career development conference.